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To save its lone customers from the awkward perils of solo dining, The Moomin House Cafe kindly seats diners with stuffed animal companions called Moomins, a family of white hippo-like characters created by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

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Q: How do I have sex in water

A:The site I linked to earlier is really good for this. The main problems with sex in a natural body of water is bacteria in the water, in pools it’s either chlorine or salt water, none of which is good for the vagina or the anus. If you use an internal condom there SHOULDN’T be too much of a problem but I don’t know for sure how the logistics would work. The only other problem is lubrication. Water makes horrible lubrication. I would suggest using silicone based lube. Of course you still have to worry about pregnancy and stis in water so even if you’re in a bathtub you should probably use some form of contraception. For bath sex the best positions are riding or doggy style. Missionary doesn’t usually work well.  

Q: How do I safely do choking/breath play?

A:  Here are some good links

Q: I would like to learn more about BDSM?

A: Here’s a good website

Q: What are some good sex positions?

A: Visit sex101

Q: How do I stimulate my G-spot?

A:Your g-spot is located approximately two inches in the vagina along the top wall. The best way to stimulate it is to stroke it, either with fingers in a “come hither” motion crooked to stroke from the back of your vagina towards the vaginal opening or by aiming the penis to the g-spot. Here are some sex positions that stimulate the g-spot.

Q: My partner wants me to spank them, how do I do that?

A:it really depends on the person. During sex (either with her on top or doggy style is easiest), or foreplay or oral sex is usually the best. Some people like to be spanked over a lap or bending over in front of you. Some people like to be spanked on the bottom or on the breasts. Just ask them what they’d like best. Be sure to keep communication open so you know that they’re enjoying themselves and when to stop.

Q: I’m shy. How do I get past that to meet people and start dating

A:You can always try dating websites! If there’s any place around where you live that you can walk or drive to to like a park, library, cafe, classes or even just walking around and exploring your neighborhood you could meet someone. You just have to be open to meeting people. Breaking through your shyness can be difficult. A good exercise is to every week when you’re out and about to initiate another form of communication. week one you start with eye contact, next week you smile, then you nod, then wave, then you say hi or “have a good day”, then you initiate a conversation. Just be polite, hold doors open for people, help them pick up things they have dropped, compliment what they’re wearing. Just little interactions like that can make you more comfortable with talking to strangers.

Q: I’m a teenager and my partner and I can’t have sex in the house because of our parents. What can we do?

A: Find a secluded parking lot in you have a car away from main roads. If you don’t have a car you can have sex outdoors in a secluded place with a blanket to lay on or you can go camping! Of course, many places have strict laws about having sex in public, even in secluded areas. Some places also have really strict punishments, so always be aware and check out what your laws are.

Q: Is it possible to be bad at sex or kissing?

A: Everyone kisses and has sex differently differently. Some people like different techniques than others. Just do what feels naturally and pay attention to what your partner does. Everything about sex comes with a lot of practice and experimentation and communication. Tell your partner what feels good and encourage your partner to do the same.

Q: Is giving fellatio to someone who is circumcised different than someone who isn’t?

A:For the differences in fellatio for cut vs. uncut, visit uncutting

Q: I’m interested in going into sex education, how do I do so?

A: There are two ways to get into the sex education industry: School and Experience. If you choose to become a sex educator in school, a sex therapist, or do anything professional in the medical system you’re going to have to go to college. If you want to be a sex educator, it varies from state to state the requirements. Usually you’re required to have a teaching license and have a degree in your field. For sex education that could be anything medical, health, or Physical Education. If you want to be a sex therapist you have to go through the schooling every therapist goes through which is to get a degree in psychology, social work, or therapy.  If you want to go the route of experience, volunteer work is great. You can volunteer with any free health clinic or any organization like Planned Parenthood. If you live in the UK BASHH, FPA, Brook Sexual Health Clinics, and GUM clinics are some places you can check out. You really just need to check out the opportunities in your area.

Q: What are Kegels and how do you do them?

A: Kegels are exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. For Vaginal Kegels the easiest way to figure out how to do them is to either 1. when you urinate try to stop the flow of urine. 2. Insert a finger into your vagina and squeeze around it. Once you figure out how to move those muscles all you have to do is clench them and release. That’s doing kegels! You keep doing this, clenching for a count of five and then releasing for a count of five. You can do this a few times in a row. You can pretty much do these exercises anywhere since no one can tell you’re doing them. Try to work up to a count of 10. Try not to flex any other muscles but your vaginal muscles. For those with a penis the way you do kegels is much the same, only it’s the muscles located in your anus. To find them you can try either the pee and stop method, or insert a finger into your anus and squeeze it. Once you’ve located the muscles, use the same clench and release method described above. If you have a “penis” this site is good (though gendered)

Q: Any tips on deepthroating?

A: Practice does help a lot, and I’ve heard that clenching your hand into a fist will also stop your gag reflex. If you can’t fit the entire penis into your mouth that’s fine, you can stimulate the part you can’t fit in with your hand. Also, although it’s fun to do deep throating every once in a while, it can irritate your throat and especially if you aren’t using a condom, make it easier to get an infection.

Q: how do I keep from using teeth with a blow job?

A: The main thing is to use your mouth and hands. You can use your tongue to stimulate sensitive areas and lick all around the penis while also using your hand. Then whenever you actually put the penis in your mouth, open your mouth as wide as possible and use your tongue to stimulate. You can swirl your tongue around it and aim the penis towards the roof of your mouth and stimulate it with the roof of your mouth and your tongue. 

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Genital infections (including yeast infections, BV and UTIs) 

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How to have sex and be in a relationship with a trans person




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Libido Problems and How to Treat Them 

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another installment of my comic, featuring Qahera the hijabi superhero! this time its mostly about sexual harassment - and the majority of the themes in this comic are based on real experiences with street harassment.

for enlarged version 

part 1 | part 2

My favorite comic!!! I want to buy a full book.


life is to short to pretend to hate girly pop music


These cupcakes are the absolute sweetest!! I love this idea! The top of the cupcake is cut off, then cut with a heart-shaped stencil, and the bottom of the cupcake is iced (here with a cherry frosting), then the top is placed back on the cupcake! It’s like an adorable frosting window! They look amazing and you could really use any kind of cookie cutter to get a different look! Follow the jump for the instructions: http://ow.ly/zjLsb http://ift.tt/1zRbaZH


Watermelon drinks are really popular this summer, so why not add a watermelon slice coaster?! Get your paintbrushes out and follow the jump for the easy #DIY: http://ow.ly/yTem6 http://ift.tt/1k5IAKa


love this fun idea for place cards at a summer pool party. these paper popsicles are so sweet, they look bright and colourful with some refreshing lemonade! get the printable here and make your own this weekend: http://ow.ly/ypYc8 http://ift.tt/1iFYzUi

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Goodbye Mr A - The Hoosiers


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